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Providing Block Management for Communal Living

Working With Your Residents' Association or Management Company

Our role is not to take over the residents’ management company but to work alongside it allowing the owners to be in control of the major decisions and passing the responsibility of implementing them to us.

Most communal living sites form a Residents Association or Management Company to look after the communal areas of the site in accordance with the lease. This is more common within developments of flats or a converted house.

Normally the job of running the company and managing the services falls to one of the shareholders/residents who inherit the responsibility and the hassle that comes with it or in some cases these services have been outsourced to a corporate management company for an expensive fee.

Managing these responsibilities can be a burden for those people who don't have experience of dealing with services management which in some cases can be costing the company and it's shareholders/residents more than it needs to. It may also mean that you're wasting money that could be used to improve the building or its amenities.

Why Choose H&S For Your Property Management?

  • The owners have over 10 years experience of managing properties and have been providing block management since 2014.

  • H&S currently manages 6 sites in the Cannock area.

  • H&S works in partnership with owners and residents on the individual needs of your site.

  • H&S will work with your existing service providers or utilise our own trusted suppliers.

  • H&S understand every site is different so our services are tailored to suit your needs.

    H&S Carry Out or Arrange or Provide the following services as standard:

  • Collection of annual ground rent/maintenance charges.
  • Financial record keeping, payment of suppliers.
  • Preparation of annual account (typically saving £400 pa for an accountant).
  • First point of contact for all residents/tenants/letting agents issues.
  • Weekly site inspections.
  • Regulatory testing of fire alarms and emergency lighting.
  • Legally required site assessments (i.e. Fire risk/asbestos and electrical).
  • The role of company secretary to call meetings and arrange AGM.
  • Management of communal utility providers (gas/electric/water).
  • Management of gardening , window cleaning and communal cleaning contractors.
  • General maintenance (including external suppliers).
  • Provision of information to solicitors during the sale of properties.

    We charge a very reasonable fee based on the size of the building and responsibilities involved which in most cases is less than you would think and will save you time, money and the frustration of managing it yourself.


    Please give us a call to discuss your requirements

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